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"Harmony Over Hate:
Interfaith Against Racism"

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Anti-racism Curriculum

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Interfaith Community Conversations

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What We Do

Anti-Racism Education

We offer an extensive anti-racism curriculum and training to individuals, organizations, and communities. Our workshops and training sessions are designed to help people identify

 and challenge racism, with the intentions of building a more inclusive and equitable society.

Interfaith Dialogue

At Faith Spaces Safe Spaces, we believe that interfaith dialogue is a powerful tool for building bridges across faiths, promoting understanding, and combating racism. Our interfaith dialogues provide a safe space for people of different faiths to come together, share their perspectives, and learn from one another.

Community Building

Through our events and initiatives, we aim to build a strong and inclusive community where everyone, regardless of their background, is treated with dignity and respect. Join us in building a better Edmonton starting with your community!

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Our Story 

Faith Spaces Safe Spaces is an interfaith anti-racism initiative based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that began as a grassroots partnership between Christians and Muslims looking to support each other in addressing anti-Black racism within our respective faith communities. Now our initiative has grown to represent several faith backgrounds including the Jewish, Indigenous spirituality, Christian, Muslim, and Baha'i communities. 

Together, we work to build a city where all faith spaces are safe spaces for BIPOC individuals and communities who enter. Our work is guided by a commitment to social justice, equality, and compassion.

Praying Together
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